Top 10 Weird & Wonderful Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings are a symbol of mutual love between two people. Although most wedding rings are simple gold or silver bands that have very little character, there are some hidden gems that will surprise you with their creative design and execution.

Intertwined Rings

(Image Credit: Wedding Pro’s)

These two rings, one gold and one silver, each feature a wavy edge that can merge with each other when put together. The smooth abstract curves and the symbolism behind the design makes it one of the most wonderful wedding rings.

Ethernet Rings

(Image Credit: Keytung)

Computer geeks will certainly find this pair of weird wedding rings attractive. While one ring is adorned with an Ethernet plug, the other one features the receiving end. Although these Ethernet rings are not quite visually pleasing, it will certainly attract much attention!

Nut and Bolt Rings

(Image Credit: Neatorama)

The bolt ring is intricately decorated with a shiny diamond, while the nut ring is a simple golden ring. Not only does this pair of weird wedding rings signify the union of two couples by marriage, it also serves a more physical symbolism.

Cyber Age Rings

(Image Credit: Sean)

The gold ring features a human hand, which merges seamlessly with the robotic hand on the silver ring. This pair of weird wedding rings is good for couples who share an enthusiasm in mechanics.

Binary Rings

(Image Credit: Jason)

The initials of the husband and wife will be carved on the rings using binary code. Its abstract and brainy design must have attracted many intellectual couples.

Hello Kitty Rings

(Image Credit: Avelle)

While many of us get over the obsession with cartoon characters at a fairly young age, some still have a passion for cute figures like the Japanese Hello Kitty. The face of Hello Kitty is carved on both the bride’s and the groom’s rings.

Bone Rings

(Image Credit: Bio Jewellery)

Yes, that’s right: these weird wedding rings are made with cow bone and silver with customized inscription inside the band.

Sound Wave Rings

(Image Credit: Jeff)

When saying “I love you” is no longer sufficient, couples can rely on these rings which have the sound wave of that romantic line carved out.

Decoder Rings

(Image Credit: Wedding Pro’s)

This pair of weird wedding rings is perfect for couples who are a big fan of Dan Brown, as their name will be translated into secret codes and carved on their respective rings.

Heat Activated Rings

(Image Credit: Wedding Pro’s)

This is a pair of wedding rings that require batteries as they will heat up to 120F every hour the day before the wedding anniversary.

By Martina Simon


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