New Trends in Engagement Rings


Like any accessory or fashion item, the style of engagement rings is subject to trends. Read on to find out what’s in right now.


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Getting engaged is a fantastic decision — and though not one to be made lightly — is a time of great excitement and celebration. One of the biggest causes for excitement is the ring — it is the public announcement of the engagement and the first thing many people ask about upon hearing the news.

Like any fashion, engagement rings are subject to different trends and influences, with popular design largely impacted by these changes in fashion at the time. And when selecting a ring, it can be very difficult to keep up!

If you’ve made the big decision, asked your future father-in-law for his permission and you’re ready to pop the question, keep in mind the latest trends below, when selecting the ring.

1. The metal
While rose gold and then yellow gold were traditionally the main metals used in the bands of engagement rings, this trend has somewhat changed, with white gold becoming very popular. White gold is striking, and creates a brilliant setting for both traditional diamonds as well as increasingly popular coloured stones.

2. The stone
Diamond rings have always been a girl’s best friend, but this trend is also one that is experiencing some change. While still popular, diamonds are now often accompanied — or even replaced — by colored gems such as rubies or sapphires. This look has been emulated in a number of rings, including that of Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

3. The design
The look and intricacy of engagement rings is also a factor that has undergone a lot of change over time and will always fluctuate, depending on the trends of the day. Most important, is to get something that suits the style of your special someone. Check if she prefers modern or vintage, large settings or small, and any other preferences.

Of note, some of the trends impacting design now include:
-The number of stones: many designs now feature a number of small stones with a larger stone. This makes the centre stone appear larger. This trend is taken a step further, with some rings simply featuring a large cluster of stones as opposed to one big rock.

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